Facebook rh hack tool - facebook hacking tool

Facebook rh hack tool is presumed to be a hacking tool allowing hackers to hack a facebook account. Basically facebook hacking tools are in great demand and easily get a big buzz on the net. A quick search on google and you
will find thousands of download links Facebook rh hack tool v1.6 or later but these links seem to go nowhere. From the hacker underground, it is very clear that rh hack tool is a ghost software, it does not exist. It is technically very difficult to develop such a tool, hackers uses a mix of techniques mos commonly SQL injection or phishing to get a hand on facebook accounts. Having a tools that automatically does these things in one go is hoax. So next time you here about a facebook hacking tool, don't even go looking for it. The key to hacking facebook is knowledge and skill. 
To end, Facebook rh hacking tool = HOAX .