Sending Fake Emails to anyone

I have seen this being spammed over the net by script kiddies pretending that it allows faked emails to be sent to any phone number.
Indeed this trick can send forged emails to any mobile number.

For example you could send a mail appearing to originate from your friends email address to his mobile.
Am sure he/she will be wondering WTF happened.. Did my email acc get hacked.

How to do it?

Grab a Nokia phone.
Go to Messages and Select SMS e-mail
In the E-mail address field, enter the fake email you want. (anyone that you like)
Input the Subject and the message contents
Now the trick:
Instead of inputting the E-mail Server Number, input your friends mobile number

Your friend will receive an email message originating from the email address you set

Works only with retarded persons who wouldn't check the Advanced Message details.
Indeed your number appears as the E-mail Server Number in Message Details.
That is if your friend understands what an email server is and if he bothers to check the number in his phonebook.

I tried that one and works out very well. Tested on Emtel network.
Very nice to pull pranks on stupid friends.