Facebook : SQL Injection Flaw

Facebook, a website with an estimated of 5 to 10 Million in US Dollars, a number of 250-1000 employees, a website ranked number 8 GLOBALLY by alexa.com’s traffic standards, is not capable of securing their data base. Millions (LOTS OF MILLIONS) of accounts, email addresses and passwords up for grabs by anyone. Let me show you a few concrete examples of vulnerable parameters.
Source: Hacker Underground

Not only is the website vulnerable to sql injection but it also allows load_file to be executed making it very dangerous because with a little patience, a writable directory can be found and injection a malicious code we get command line access with wich we can do virtualy anything we want with the website: upload phpshells, redirects, INFECT PAGES WITH TROJAN DROPPERS, even deface the whole website.

Basically, Facebook is no safer than any other site, but given the huge benefits it makes, it got the resources to pay its attackers so that the info is not made public. But nevertheless, those who are not interested in money but security do make these info public.
Facebook has also been found to be vulnerable to Blind SQL.