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So here is the first hacking tool hack website blog is posting: A damn powerful password cracker called
Windows password auditing and recovery application
L0phtCrack attempts to crack Windows passwords from hashes which it can obtain (given proper access) from stand-alone Windows workstations, networked servers, primary domain controllers, or Active Directory. In some cases it can sniff the hashes off the wire. It also has numerous methods of generating password guesses (dictionary, brute force, etc). LC5 was discontinued by Symantec in 2006, then re-acquired by the original L0pht guys and reborn as LC6 in 2009. L0phtCrack can provide some decent level of funtionality in the free version but the juice stays in the paid version, so try to crack it or opt for version 5 for which there is already a keygen on the net. For free alternatives, consider Ophcrack, Cain and Abel, or John the Ripper. More posts comming for these hacking tools.