Maurice Ile Durable Website hacked

Maurice Ile Durable project's website was launched i think in March and a short time after, the Website was found to have been hacked.

MIR project grabbed the domain for this purpose, but for quite an extended period of time instead of the actual website,the website hoster's advertising was displayed on the site. I find it strange that it was OVH web services. A web solution provider from France.

I suppose a defacement was made and MID decided to remove the contents from the actual hoster. But no atempt was made to implement a backup copy or another version of the website untill recently. Indeed a simple banner indicating that the website will be migrated is being displayed actually on

That would mean that nothing was done in this whole time to come up with a solution after the defacement.

Anyways, that showz how much MID cares about its online presence and it's only window to the online world. No wonder they implemented a shitty website full of vulns that lead to the easy defacement of it, or maybe not..

When you think of it, who would take the painstaking task of searching for vulns and deface the MID project website. Who would be against the project..

i maybe thinking that the hack may have come from the implementers themself. They got paid less or not at all or something like then then they decided to blow the fuck up. And why they fuck they hosted it with a foreign hoster and not on the government servers.

Actually the website is still hosted (atleast the banner :) ) on a dedicated server at OVH (France)

Anywayz we'll see where they migrate to..