2M Botnet infected computers taken down by FBI

The Internet is probably the most widely used form of communication on earth and our dependency on it increases every day. Almost anything can be conducted on the internet, and with such widespread use, the number of cyber criminal activities also increases.
Recently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has succeeded in disrupting an international cyber crime syndicate; a botnet operation that had affected two million computers. A botnet is a collection of infected computers or bots that have been taken over by hackers and are used to perform malicious tasks or functions. A computer becomes a bot when it downloads a file (e.g., an email attachment) that has bot software embedded in it.

Authorities believed that Coreflood infected more than two million PCs, enslaving them into a botnet that grabbed banking credentials and other sensitive data. Its masters then used the details to steal funds via fraudulent banking and wire transactions, the US Department of Justice said yesterday. The vast majority of the infected machines were in the US, but the criminal gang was likely based overseas. Security experts said it was hard to know how much money the gang stole. It could easily be tens of millions of dollars and could go above $100 million, said Dave Marcus, McAfee Labs research and communications director.
Security experts are pretty sure the Russians were behind it. A civil complaint against 13 unnamed foreign nationals was also filed by the US district attorney in Connecticut. It accused them of wire and bank fraud. The Justice Department said it had an ongoing criminal investigation. "Botnets and the cyber criminals who deploy them jeopardize the economic security of the United States and the dependability of the nation's information infrastructure," Shawn Henry, executive assistant director of the FBI's Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch, said in a statement.

Coreflood started out as an internet relay chat (IRC) bot used for attacking other IRC users. Over time however, it evolved into a TCP proxy as part of an anonymity service, and then later into a full-fledged info stealer Trojan. The last several years Coreflood has maintained a low profile while other more prolific botnets came to the forefront of public attention. However, just recently the group behind Coreflood escalated their activity until it was brought down by the FBI.

In 208, a ring of cyber bank robbers from southern Russia breached inside company networks. They infected every PC within reach with a custom-made data-stealing program using Coreflood. The Coreflood Gang infected swaths of PCs inside thousands of companies, hospitals, universities and government agencies, says SecureWorks researcher Joe Stewart, who has tracked and documented the spread of Coreflood over that period. Says F-Secure researcher Patrik Runald, "This is very organized crime. These gangs are hiring people and making tons of money". The Coreflood Gang is among the most sophisticated. "It's spying on you, capturing your log-ons, user names, passwords, bank balances, contents of your e-mail," Stewart says.
US Government programmers shut down the Coreflood botnet on Tuesday. They also instructed the computers enslaved in the botnet to stop sending stolen data and to shut down. It was the first time US authorities had used this method to shut down a botnet, according to court documents. "The seizure of the Coreflood servers and internet domain names is expected to prevent criminals from using Coreflood or computers infected by Coreflood for their nefarious purposes," US Attorney David Fein said in a statement.
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Hacking - A Crime

 Every accountable Internet end user recognizes that hacking is usually a severe crime. However, you know also that rights most likely are not on hand due to the victims. Many private and public firms, including governments, have forfeit profits because of information theft producing damages and damage as a result of hackers. The sad thing is, laws are not tough enough on cyber offenders. Sometimes, they're not even deemed offenders by any means a result of the deficiency of lawmaking that describes so they cover Internet offenses. This finds us thinking what goes on with a hacker when he's found.

You'll find, needless to say, famous times when hackers have actually been brought to legal requirements. However, it isn't very comforting take into consideration how a movie industry has even somehow developed this belief of hackers to be cool and even sexy. It appears like The show biz industry has neglected to represent these black hats because they really are. This task looks as though everyone has created a twisted conception in this act and don't realize that it is usually severely detrimental. Still, i am left merely to speculate why that is so.

The big issue now is, what the results are to cyberpunk let's say they're caught? Do they even buy what they've accomplished? Would they serve a jail conviction? Could they be meant to pay indemnity to the victim? It's crazy to consider that some people in authorities actually think the problem may be solved by confiscating the hacker's gear and forbidding him from purchasing any new tools. It certainly is utterly absurd to concentrate on how the problem may be averted by confiscation. Of course, any black hat can seek the services of one to buy him a fresh computer, modem or storage device then he'll be back on his craft like nothing came about.

Certainly, hacking can be a far more significant offense versus the majority of justice officials will be ready acknowledge. Which indulgence is, in fact, fashioning the situation a whole lot worse. Since these people realize they are able to effortlessly go away regardless of whether they were captured, they will basically continue slowly destroying people and organizations with their identities and causing their victims enormous hindrance when they lose inside their private planes and burn a few ready cash within an offshore gambling hell.

If things carry on like this, then Online surfers will have to ensure their online security by themselves by making use of every measure there's and keep hackers from exploding. As these cyber culprits can begin by installing key-loggers into your pc, it would always be a good idea to have basic computer safety application   installed. The firewall is the one other key component in securing your digestive system along with an anti-virus software each different kind of anti-malware there exists.

Ethical Hacking - An Overview of Ethical Hackers

Ethical hacker is usually an expert in hacking hired by corporate world especially using vast computer network for its operation. The idea is always to legally allow testing of the operation network with the company for virtually every existing vulnerabilities. Basically ethical hacker shows which information within the computer network may be accessed by an illegal hacker or Black Hat Hacker; how the unauthorized retrieved information may be used by an illegal hacker contrary to the interest from the company. Further the hired hacker will be able to provide tools to alert whenever successful or unsuccessful hacking bid occurs.

Company hiring hacker for that security with their automatic data processing system should explain at length which data is crucial and where it has been kept. The hired hacker himself must have integrity beyond doubt since he can be permitted to access all, sensitive in addition to non-sensitive, on the company's database. Company should make sure to thoroughly go through the profile in the hacker prior to getting him for his services.

You can find definite signs of computing system being hacked. One of the most common sign is computer running very slow. In addition to which the computer system's hard drive could possibly have software that is unrecognizable. Now now you ask , how can illegal hacker accomplish his task of hacking?

For uploading and downloading of files, FTP shortly called FTP is use for many years. Many of the commercial systems have FTP server, if this is not configured properly with firewall software for security then hacker requires little effort to hack the machine. The FTP server may be used by hacker to store illegal software and files as part of your computer's disk space. The files usually stored are pirated movies, pornography, and cracked software. The script used in programming by hackers seriously isn't an uncomplicated one. It makes a directory structure in your metabolism which stores their illegal data. The normal user finds it too tough to remove these scripts off their system since they have extended extensions very hard to identify.

In the event that users are lucky enough to get know that their system is hacked, they might eradicate hacker's script by wiping out your complete system and then again reinstalling it. Oftentimes hacker use Internet Relay Chat (IRC). In many systems hackers install IRC relay agent in order that information can be extracted from host system without understanding of owner. The sole effect which might be experienced in the computer is lowering in performance and access to the internet becoming slow.

Another option that hacker uses commonly for destructive motive is peer-to-peer file sharing software. Any ADPS which utilizes peer-to-peer file sharing software for downloading of files from internet is liable being hacked. The anti virus software placed in the machine keep a check mark on any attempt of hacking and cautions the user whenever something non-standard is detected while downloading files inside the system by making use of peer-to-peer services. Any organization allowing utilization of peer-to-peer file sharing software packages are putting their system and network at riskly.

4 ways to hack facebook accounts

4 approaches to The best way to hack facebook password/account ? I am going to cover 4 methods right here:

1. Facebook Phishing
2. Keylogging
3. Social engineering
4. Primary email address hack

Facebook phishing:

We've taken this kind of first because i believe this can be a hottest method/way involving hacking facebook. I studied various facebook surveys taken on web about hacking facebook. The outcome of these surveys show "Phishing" as being the most used method to hack 'facebook' in order to note"Phishing is favorite method of facebook hackers". So, friends.. beware of facebook Phishing. Facebook staff is working hard to prevent these Facebook phishers. Phishing not just allows you to hack "Facebook" but as well virtually any email account. You have to only have the trick used to create a phisher, which i think is quite easy. I learnt it without difficulty. But, remember, this really is only reserved for educational purpose. Let me not extend this topic up here when i have added on Phishing in my article How you can hack .facebook password


This really is my second favorite, as only thing you need to do is remotely use a keylogger application (without having any physical having access to victim computer). Keylogging becomes more easy should you have physical entry to victim computer as only thing you want to do is purchase a keylogger and direct it for a destination so that it will point all recorded keystrokes to pointed destination. Such a keylogger does will it be records the keystrokes into a log file and you may utilize these logs to get required Facebook password and thus can hack. facebook password. We have posted detailed information involving top keyloggers inside the trade to read more see my Hacking section

Social engineering:

This sounds to get pretty not working at beginning. Even I used to be neglecting that way. But, once, I believed of using it against my pal on Facebook i got his Facebook password without difficulty with that method. I do think many involving you will be understanding how what this social engineering, For newbies, social engineering is method of retrieving password or answer involving security question simply be quering using the victim. You should be cautious while using the this as victim must not be aware involving your intention. Just talk about cautiously using your logic.

Primary email hack

If Facebook hacker, by some means, hacks your gmail or yahoo account which you are generally using as primary email address, than the Facebook hacker can certainly hack your Facebook password using "Forgot password" trick. He's going to simply ask Facebook to transmit password reset email for a primary email address contact info- and that is already hacked. Thus, your Facebook account password will likely be reset and this will be hacked !!!

So, try to remember to defend your Facebook primary email address contact information and then try to keep unknown or useless mail id as the primary email addressSo far, i came across these Facebook hacking methods as best and working ways to hack facebook account passwords. I never encourage hacking Facebook or any email account,,I recently wanna allow you to be aware about Facebook dangers online. I will appreciate your effort if you mention some other Facebook hacking method.

Op Blackout - Anonymous pins down FBI and Justice Dept websites

<== Operation Blackout ==>

After one of the most popular file hoster Megaupload goes down following the US Department of Justice's indiction of 7 people who ran it, Anonymous strikes back !

Indeed, the Megaupload 7 were tracked down the day after the Blackout of Wikipedia and other major websites happended in protest against SOPA and PIPA, two internet piracy bills to be passed in congress.
The Retaliation

Only 15 minutes after the indictment, The Black Hat Hacktivist group Anonymous launches a Massive DOS attack  against 10 websites. Among those who became completely out of service are:
=> The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
=> The US Department of Justice
=> Universal Music Group
=> Recording Industry Association of America
=> Motion Picture Association of America

The Distributed Denial of Service
(DDOS) Attack

Anonymous is a collective group of hackers who come from different geographical locations but work together against designated targets. In this event, they communicated details of their target through their IRC channel #AnonOps. You can find more information on Anonymous group's operations and even tutorials on setting up softwares and required communication channels in order to help in their cause here:

The Software = ???

So you might be thinking..what the heck did those guys use to put down FBI's fucking website ???
The answer is LOIC => Low Orbit Ion Cannon. 
LOIC is DOS applications developed to put enormous load on a target by continuously pining it. Used by thousands it becomes an effective DDOS which can put most servers down. An Anonymous rep sais that more than 5k users downloaded and used LOIC to flood the target websites.

Anonymous Message - Don't Mess With Us

The secret to their Firepower

LOIC was initially a manually operated piece of software, but it eventually evolved and transformed itself into one which can be remotely operated. The LOIC program link that spreads across Anonymous's network is one which has been modified. It indeed can be pointed at an internet relay chat server and then be controlled by the Anon Admins to use your PC and internet connection to launch attack against the targets. So basically when installing the application, you become part of a botnet..the Anonymous Botnet and you give hackes the power to control your computer. That's their firepower..and considering the enormous amount of downloads that software has received..they got a lot of it !!!

Hacking Exposed Ebook - Web Applications 3

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Hacking Exposed Web applications 3

So what this ebook is about ? 

Web Applications are widely used on the internet today and are highly at risk from hackers and other malicious attackers. Web Applications Security therefore has become a must in the industry. Web Applications, Third Edition is fully updated to cover new infiltration methods and countermeasures.
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