Mauritian IP addresses

IP ranges of MRU ISPs
It is good to know the RIR too
Regional Internet Registries

Registry            Geographic Region
AfriNIC            Africa, portions of the Indian Ocean
APNIC             Portions of Asia, portions of Oceania
ARIN               Canada, many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands, and the United States
LACNIC          Latin America, portions of the Caribbean
RIPE NCC       Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia

Mauritius Internet Service providers and their IP range.

#TelecomPlus - -
Dynamic adsl pool -
Dialup pool

#Orange -

#Nomad[NetworkPlus] - -
Dynamic Wireless - BTS ROSE HILL 2 -
Dynamic Wireless - La Marie -
Dynamic Wireless - Floreal -
Dynamic Wireless - Phoenix -
Dynamic Wireless - Curepipe

#Data Communications Ltd -
Proxy Server @
DCLISP [smartnet and adsl]