Hackers attack Mastercard


If you tried going to MasterCard’s web site this morning you might have found yourself waiting a long time. Hackvists Hackers supporting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claim to have taken down the website of MasterCard, which shutdown its payment service to the controversial website on Monday. 

The hacktivist group dubbed Anon_Operation said in one tweet that "www.mastercard.com/ is down" and designated mastercard.com as their "current target" in what was taking the proportions of cyber war.

WikiLeaks has benefited from a massive groundswell of online support. Twitter is choked with messages of solidarity. The site's Facebook page has 1 million fans. And tech-savvy supporters are organizing boycotts and other stunts.  

 Operation:Payback occurs after the credit-card company withdrew its funding services for WikiLeaks. The whistleblower Web site’s founder Julian Assange was arrested yesterday and denied bail. He remains in the custody of British police.

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