Making Money Online - When you do not hack

Greetings Fellow Hacker and apprentices,
I have been surfing the net for years now and came across several Online Money Making programs, most of which did not work out. Of of those who did work out (PTC, Affialites ect...) most of them were not much remunerating..couple of bucks or $10 bucks per month.
Then I Found PostLoop.
Earn Money Posting in Forums
Postloop is a marketplace and exchange for Forum Owners, Blog Owners, and Content Writers

Forum owners can use Postloop to attract more posts to their forums,
Blog owners use Postloop to attract more comments to their blogs, and content writers use Postloop to earn money for posting in forums and commenting on blogs. 

So you get it ? At Postloop you get paid to post. Forum and blogs owners pay so that poster like you and me come and post on their websites. In exchange they pay PostLoop and Postloop pays you.

I registered for their program and aside from maintaining the Black Hat Hacker blog, I make some bucks posting on forums. I make around $3 a day for now, but as your rating as a poster increases, so does your earning potential.
Postloop rates it's users by the quality of their post so if you have a decent grammar and good English, you should be able to make money online.
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Earn Money Posting in Forums