Ethical Hacking eBook - Hacking For Dummies 3rd Edition

Looking for an easy way to start learning about ethical hacking ?
Then Hacking For Dummies (3rd Edition) is a must read. Containing about 411 pages, this ebook has been used by thousands of hackers around the globe to sharpen their penetration testing skills.

The Book adopts more the white hat way of hacking so that effective counter measures can be implemented agaisnt black hat hackers.After reading this, you will learn about the latest ethical hacking methods and how to protect your system against hacking attempts. The book is divided into seven main parts:
Part I - Building the Foundation of Ethical Hacking
Part II - Putting Ethical Hacking in Motion
Part III - Hacking The Network
Part IV - Hacking Operating Systems
Part V - Hacking Applications
Part VI - Ethical Hacking Aftermath
Part VII - The Part of Tens
Priced at about $15, the black hat hacker blog provides a link to download the eBook version for free. Enjoy ;)

Download Hacking For Dummies 3rd Edition